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Alexander GUREVICH


Born in Alapaevsk, Russia. From 1945 lived in Leningrad. Graduated from Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute and the High Art College, named Muhina. Emigrated to Israel on 1994. Lives in Jerusalem.


"Kentucky Colonel" honarary title, Kentucky, USA

Jefferson Country Citizen, Kentucky, USA

Prize "Ish Shalom", Jerusalem

Prize "Art 95" Gallery Art-54, NY

Diplome of Gallery "Art addiction", Sweden

Diplome of excellence "Art Addiction" gallery 

His works purchased by:

The State Russian Museum, St.Petersburg

The Judah L.Magnes Museum, Berkeley, Ca, USA

Center of Modern Art, Osaka, Japan

Museum Gissen, Germany

Museum of Nonconformist Art, St.Petersburg



“Workmanship, color and “some similar cause” are what make Gurevich’s paintings special aesthetic events. He is, of course, bound by the content and the meaning of the message, but at the same time he asserts the right to be free of all conventions and to play with artistic elements as he desires and skills dictate.”

Boris Bernstein



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