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Works of Jacob Feldman are an unexplainable phenomenon and therefore significant. His paintings are giving us this hint of nearness of the mystery, which is in your soul. When you are looking at the world around you through understanding of that magic of unknown, through the incomprehensible,the inconceivable, all ordinary and mundane objects are transformed. They become extraterrestrial, participial to the Eternity. Able to conduct numerous painting techniques on the level of virtuoso, Jacob synthesizes them in to his own unique language. Objects on his canvases and their metamorphoses in to the sacred, mystical and enchanted, transforms viewers allowing them to relate to this world in an entirely new way. Reality becomes filled with hints and signs….Visualizing concrete objects of one particular epoch, Jacob rises above specifications and enters the level of global generalization. Anselm Kiefer, once said – “An artist is always painting an icon,even if his subject is just broken pieces of a vase or a skeleton of a fish…and therefore he is always a Creator…”

Review of Jacob Feldman’s Exhibit By Mark Fried




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