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Nikolay TESENKOV. Selfportrait.JPG

Nikolay Tesenkoff  started his artistic career as sculptor. He finished the Stroganov Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Moscow and over the years gained a significant experience in educating arts of sculpture and painting. In 2000 he organized the studio of fine arts in the Temiryazev Academy where it worked for many years until 2018.

Nikolay’s paintings speak for honest and uncompromising hard worker. Density of his artistic brush witnesses his own craftsmanship. The subjects of his works can be various: little streets of Moscow, landscapes resounding in his heart, feminine nudes – mostly a woman realizing her beauty, – and, of course, still-life paintings.

The very surface of a canvas is the untouched land for the artist who is chosen to seed and fertilize until he reaps the harvest. His works can be defined by primary initial colors and by vibrations of delicate tinges. Rough texture of the canvas is illuminated by lightness and soft exquisite light.

The artist is well-known, not only in Russia. His paintings were successfully exhibited in UK, Netherlands, Belgium and now arrived to Jerusalem.

Let’s wish the master to gain true success in Israel!

These artist's works are in the gallery "Beyt Naima" in Jerusalem
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