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  Yaffa is both a writer and a painter. She has had several exhibitions in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

  Yaffa was born in Iran. Her family was originally from Bagdad. When she was one year old, they immigrated to Israel, where she lived in Ramat Gan. 

  Yaffa studied at the Art Institute in Tel Aviv. She completed her studies at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Yaffa taught painting, fashion design and the history of clothing for several years. She then studied computer programming and worked as a chip designer.

  Two of Yaffa's books of poetry, 'The Pain of the Home' and 'Laughter Spots' were published by Carmel. An additional book of poetry 'TheFlower's Yellow Hope' was published by Tzivonim. Yaffa also wrote two books of short stories 'The Smell of Laundry and Garlic' and 'Tears the Size of The Tigris' were published by Ktav. 



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