"Beyt Naima" 

an unusual gallery, has been opened in Nachlaot, one of the most romantic and mystical areas of Jerusalem founded in the end of the nineteenth century.The space of this area between two relatively big streets, Agripas and Bezalel, is dissected by a labyrinth of tiny lanes and built up by two-story houses.


"Beyt Naima"

is a typical house of Nachlaot. Solid stony walls, mosaic stony floors of an old building, arches and alcoves, high ceilings, a concert piano, antique furniture and housewares from the times of the British mandate, all these pieces of interior definitely lacked good quality painting.









Yaffa Wagner,

an artist and a writer, the owner of the house, and the second enthusiast Alexey Mikhailov,  a collector and curator of exhibitions, invited several well-known painters to organize the expositional nuclear of a gallery by their works.


"Beyt Naima"

invites painters of different genres to participate in the future exhibitions, and all enthusiasts and supporters of visual arts to visit our gallery!

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